Alprostadil gel for erections


As far as engineering erections is concerned, alprostadil gel could become a competitor of Viagra.

Previous formulations of alprostadil were awkward to apply, as they were for injections or intraurethral pellets.

Most men do not want to inject medications into their penises, and definitely not on a day-to-day basis.

The alprostadil that now has become available through compounding pharmacies can be applied as an ointment to the male genitals. It will reliably cause an erection within minutes.

Viagra usually needs 60 to 90 minutes to take effect (and on a full stomach, even longer). This means that with Viagra, it is difficult to bridge the waiting period with foreplay.

Of course, the opportunity for great sex often occurs rather spontaneously.

For men who need erectile support, the use of Viagra is sometimes difficult to plan.

"Oops, all of a sudden, she wants; but I'm not yet on Viagra!"

Alprostadil cream, which becomes effective within minutes, can offer the advantage that when the opportunity actually arises, one just needs a short trip to the toilet where the cream can be applied to the penis.

But mind you: good erections are not a guarantee for good sex, regardless of whether they are engineered via Viagra or alprostadil. For good sex instead of good erections, better try tongkat ali.


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